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Remain relevant in changing times.


Customers are increasingly looking for experiences that are deeper and more meaningful. Drawing them into sustainable efforts is one way to satisfy that desire.

The Luxury and Lifestyle sectors continue to experience unprecedented growth.

This is your opportunity to evolve and continue to meet their demands.

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Become part of the new movement.

Whether you manage a destination, hotel or venue, we work with you as an extension of your team. 

1. Create strategic plans that encompass your brand, sales, marketing and distribution strategies. 

2. Train your staff to work as teams instead of silos.

3. Become an accredited sustainable recognized organization. 

Lead and Inspire.

L. Hospitality International is a boutique firm, started by Lizette Hassell. After 25 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, traveling the world and working in the US, Europe and Caribbean, Lizette started her consulting firm in Sales, Marketing and Distribution. Her passion for sustainability lead her to become certified in sustainability consulting and auditing of travel and tourism businesses and destinations. 

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Sustainability is the new green!

Sustainability matters to today's travelers. A growing number of people and business choose hotels, resorts and other tourist destinations based on environmental stewardship, fair trade practices, and commitment to preserving local culture and history.

The certification process not only addresses how your travel and tourism business treats natural resources, but how it impacts the social fabric of local communities in four main areas of sustainability.

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