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The Five Biggest Mistakes in Achieving Top-line Sales

Not having a plan:

This might sound hard to believe but some teams are still working without a cohesive plan to achieve revenue goals. This plan should not be solely focused on sales strategies and tactics but should involve Marketing and Revenue Management, the customer’s buying behavior and operations delivering on the promises.

Wrong segmentation:

You want the group business but don’t have the staff to cultivate and capture the business or facilities and amenities to meet and exceed the needs of the consumers.

Not considering the economy and industry trends:

Follow the news and have a plan. If the Russian economy is weak, don’t expect to have the same amount of Russian travelers as when their economy was booming. Foresee this and have a plan of action that is implemented in advance. If you wait till you are in the middle of the crisis, it will take some time and marketing dollars to create awareness in other regions.

Not saying NO to business:

Are you evaluating every piece of business? You should. Consider displacement in pre- or post- dates of groups. Consider displacement of higher paying transient. Does the group have a minimum in F&B, spa, and other revenues or are most of their activities off property?

Not aligning with your brand/flag to increase awareness:

If your brand has regional offices and national sales team, make sure you connect with them. Invest in road shows to the appropriate regions with them, and have them introduce you to potential clients you have not reached yet. So be the squeaky wheel, in a nice way!

The bottom line:

Today’s sales world is more fast-paced and more volatile than ever. Is it going to change? If it will, it won’t go back to what it used to be! So being ahead of the curve and being flexible is key. Learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t make them! Want more of these tips? Be on the look-out or contact me.

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